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Homes for Hero Benefits when Buying or Selling Real Estate

Service Deserves its Rewards! Find Hero benefits through Homes for Heroes when Buying, Selling or Investing in Real Estate!

Getting your service benefits are easy! Sign up.... No RED TAPE, No hoops! Visit HeidisHeroRewards.com to sign up and learn more!

Homes for hero programs benefits for home buying or selling

Heidi Herda Realtor with RE/MAX Results is "Giving Back" to her community by honoring Teachers, Firefighters, Police Officers, Veterans (Active, Retired), EMT's/Paramedics, and Healthcare workers when buying, selling or investing in Real Estate!

These benefits are exclusive to the Men and Women that serve, care for us, support us and protect us honorably every day!

These home buying benefits go far when you are required to live within 30 miles or less from a Fire Station, Police Station, Healthcare Facility or a School. These benefits are available when buying, selling or both! These home buying or selling benefits make it easier to buy or sell a home within the community you need to be in for employment.

Homes For Hero Benefit Breakdowns

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When Buying a Home Through Homes for Heroes

When you decide to work with me (or another preferred Hero Rewards Agent) you will receive these exclusive homes for heroes benefits in the form of a check back after closing equivalent to .07% of the sale or, $700 per every $100,000. If you're planning to purchase a home listed for $150,000 your Hero Reward check will be $1,050, a home sale of $250,000 you would receive a Hero Reward check of $1,750 and so on... no limited to the Reward amount OR... the amount of sale price.

When we give to you, you're also helping us give to the Homes For Heroes Foundation!! A portion of each sale will go to the foundation that supports fallen officers, veteran families in time of need, and so many more specific grants to families that are struggling, have lost a loved one or just general support to families affiliated with stressful jobs.

Home Benefits When Selling a Home through Homes for Heroes

When you decide to work with me (or another preferred Hero Rewards Agent) you will receive these exclusive homes for heroes benefits in the form of an immediate credit on the sale of your home! The discounts are similar in scale as if you are purchasing a home through homes for heroes and in addition to the home sale credit or discount, these options are not excluded to one or the other, you may still receive exclusive Homes for Hero benefits on both buying and selling, these home assistance programs are not exclusive to one sale or buy they apply to both! This results in discounts on the sale of your home and a check upon the successful closing of our new home!

What Additional Benefits Do Heroes Receive from Affiliates?

Homes for Heroes is a national organization and a team of service and support for our heroes! My affiliate lender is here to also provide lending benefits and credits through Homes for Heroes. We want to make sure you are receiving the best possible service to you as a "Thank you" from us! Getting preapproved is easy through the online secure application, make sure to tell him you're a HERO! These discounts and benefits are exclusive to our HEROES!!