Staging Tips for a Quick Sale - Seller Tips

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Staging Tips for a Quick Sale - Seller Tips

Article provided by Heidi Herda Realtor® Keller Williams Classic Realty 612.807.4858

So you decided to sell your home! take advantage of this hot Real estate market and get top dollar for your home. Getting your home sale ready doesn't have to be a chore, plus these quick and cheap staging tips can get you that much closer to that buyer. Home Value Report (1)

After all, a home that has been staged typically sells faster and for more money.

1. De-Personalize Your Home

Take a walk through your home and remove personal family photos from around the house this is typically the least expensive and most effective way to stage. Remove drawings photos, notes, and magnets from the refrigerator. Remove nick-knacks from the walls, your favorite collections etc. from the walls. Most times you can get boxes for free at a grocery store or liquor store and packing tape is fairly inexpensive at the hardware store. The idea behind this is to remove the personal aspect from the home so it's easier for a potential buyer to visualize them and their family living in your home.

2. Remove the Clutter

Removing the clutter is another relatively free task unless you have very large items that will not fit neatly on one side of the garage. If that is the case, you may need to store some items at a friend or family members. Another option is to get a storage shed or POD as a temporary storage. Clear utensils and small appliances from the kitchen counters, remove letters or bills from mail slots or other "throw all" type of baskets from the countertops, try to remove roughly 2/3's of your items from your closets and box them, organize linens closets and remove 2/3's of the items you may not use immediately, pack up any out of season clothing, coats and gear. Less is always more! Don't forget bookshelves, mantles or above your kitchen cabinets, the less clutter, the larger the space feels and the less opportunity for the buyer to get distracted by your personal things. champlin homes for sale and sold sellers guide free

3. Re-arrange and Neutralize Rooms

It's ideal for your home to have neutral paint and neutral decor, closets are clean organized and never crowded. Make sure the room properly portrays what the room is. If it is an office, eliminate things like gym equipment or visa versa. Try keeping bedroom furniture limited to a bed and side table, remove extra bookcases, bins or toy baskets that may be cluttering up the room. Fill any nail holes, if the decor and paint are not neutral consider a fresh coat of paint, especially if there are digs, dents or scuff marks on the walls. A fresh coat of paint is great for a new look, if you have oak trim a light beige or mocha color is recommended, if your trim is dark, either a tan/beige or very light gray is very trendy. If you have white trim, a light gray or "pottery barn" looks is really ideal. If you have pets, consider using an arm & hammer type of paint that seals in odors. Never use potent plug-in type air fresheners. You never know if your buy may be allergic, also heavy potent smells can turn off a buyer or indicate you may be trying to hide something. The best way to tackle pet odors, is fresh paint, cleaning or replacing carpet or using a gel type odor eliminator. You can find these at the hardware store, or Menard's or Lowe's. It's recommended to get a few and place them in unsuspecting areas, such as behind a chair, plant, or bookshelf.

4. Don't Forget the Write Off!

As you are eliminating unused or unwanted items, don't forget to get a slim showing you made a donation to use for your taxes. Every tax situation is different, but many donation centers will provide a receipt for your donation that could save you some money with a write off during tax time. Don't always look to Goodwill for your donations, as many Churches will give to families that may not be able to afford to buy the items or homeless youth centers like Hope 4 Youth will also take items for teens 16-23 and still provide you with the tax write off.

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5. Scrub & Deodorize

Clean goes a long way! Ensuring your drawers, closets and cabinets are organized give the buyer assurance that you have not only kept your home clean but likely well maintained. A clean home shows well and it will help that buyer feel great about your home. Don't forget tubs/showers/ and floors! Yes, a potential buyer will open your drawers and cabinets, having them clean and organized will indicate that you have enough storage or space, overflowing cabinets could suggest the home just doesn't have enough space. Don't forget the garage and laundry room.... a clean organized garage will show the space of the garage, keep boxes organized and to one side of the garage if need be. The laundry room is another opportunity to get organized, even a fresh coat of paint on the floor makes the space fresh and clean.

6. Add a Little Style

The camera loves green, grab a couple season appropriate plants or pots for a little curb appeal for the front of the house, and don't forget a little green for the inside. Small herb plants can be purchased at Ikea or similar to give a small splash of color. A few nicely rolled towels in the bathroom or kitchen are a nice touch. You can also to a full plate setting at the kitchen table, making sure all plates, glasses, napkins and utensils are matching. A sparkling wine or wine glasses can add to a bar area, just make sure you're not overcrowding.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed these small and inexpensive Staging Tips for a Quick Sale - Seller Tips, by Heidi Herda Realtor Keller Williams Classic Realty 612.807.4858 Our Team is always here to help you with a FREE seller consultation, home value or more! Call or email us today to get started and ensure that you sell your home fast and for top dollar! #sellertips #realestateadvice #herdahometeam Web Analytics