9 Tips for a Low-Cost Kitchen Remodel

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9 Tips for a Low-Cost Kitchen Remodel

Regardless, if you’re planning to stay or move, you may be considering a kitchen remodel. The most return on investment can come from a kitchen or bathroom remodel, but the renovations can seem overwhelming. Here are a few low-cost tips for a kitchen remodel that you can use if you’re planning to move, and want to sell for the most money possible, or if you’re looking for a fresh new look and plan to stay for years to come!

1.      The Hook

How many different things can you hang from a hook? Potholders, mugs, cooking utensils, recipe clips… The options are endless. Hooks can be placed just about anywhere. Places like IKEA or Target have fun, trendy looks to bring some color with a hanging potted plant, or offer organization for utensils and more. You can even find various hooks or knobs at a thrift store or antique shop.

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2.      Replacing the Countertops

Forget everything you thought you knew about laminate. Laminate countertops can mimic the look of granite without the hefty price tag. If you’re pretty handy don’t count out a concrete countertop either, a mold can be made, and the concrete slab poured, dried and installed can be quite a process, but I’ve seen some very nicely done DIY concrete countertops for a fraction of the cost of granite or similar.

3.      The Fancy Faucet

Not typically over the top expensive, but can modernize the kitchen. Be sure to see what type of holes you already have for your current faucet and mimic those spaces to avoid replacing the countertops or having to drill new holes to fit the new faucet.

4.      Get a “Handle” on Things

For a quick, inexpensive way to add creative accents to your kitchen, replace the knobs, pulls, and hinges on your cabinets. There’s a limitless array of options and you can finish the job in a weekend!


5.      Pull Out Drawers

You can find some inexpensive DIY pull-outs at your local hardware store or builder supply store, (you can usually even find a garbage pullout) this can help you with organization, and get the garbage out of site. Don’t discount the Dollar store! They have tons of bins that can be spray painted and labeled to help organize and free up countertop space to remove clutter.

6.      Shine a Light on It

If you have pendant lighting or over the sink lighting, consider a new look, trendy globe lighting can be replaced, if you’re willing to spend a little and you have a kitchen island this might be a project you choose to spend a little more money for an electrician to add a few hanging lights. This is an opportunity to brighten your kitchen with more light, and also be able to add color accents or modern lighting to the space.

7.      What Color is your mood?

The color paint in your kitchen can affect your mood…. Weird I know! Paint is one of the most impactful changes to your kitchen with typically the lowest cost (minus the elbow work). Consider changing up the color, the pottery barn look of grays and lighter colors will make your kitchen appear larger, trendier and brighter.

8.      Make a Splash!

Adding a tile backsplash can be another way to jazz up the look of the kitchen. Mosaic tiles or stone tiles can add color or modern accents for not an overly expensive fee. If you do choose to do a little more than the DIY, definitely consider hiring an experienced installer for your projects to avoid issues or (redo's) in the future.

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9.      The Great Dividers

Say goodbye to messy drawers, say hello to organized drawers. That’s what you will get when you use the ever so handy, drawer organizers. The convenience won’t cost you much either. Drawer organizers start at $3 and you can find them at almost any large store such as Wal-mart, Target or IKEA.


I hope you have found some useful information in these 9 low-cost kitchen remodel tips. Regardless if you pick a few, or maybe all of them you will see a nice change in your kitchen. If you’re planning to make some changes to sell your home, make sure your changes are quality ones. It’s easy to get by with DIY painting, knob changes, and organizing, but make sure if you plan to add a backsplash or do any changes to your lighting that you hire a professional. Large electrical projects will also require a permit, if selling, this will be a key factor in providing a potential buyer so they know that you did things the right way.


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